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If you're seeing this page then consider it a formal invitation onto my review team! Yay! Let me explain how a 'review team' works:

🌀Two weeks before each new release team members will receive an advanced copy of my books. (So a free book each release👍!)

🌀On release day members post their reviews on Amazon.
🌀The goal is to help 'launch' my books higher on the Amazon charts 😉! 

If you join the team, I  hope that means it will be a win-win for us both. I typically release 2 books per year. And my books are always either New Adult Romance or Contemporary Romance. So if you've loved my past books, want to commit to reading each of my novels as I release them, and will review on Amazon (with an honest review!) then please sign up!!! Plus you get free books! I look forward to having you on my team!

**Note: this is a different mailing list than my newsletter. It's specifically for the Launch Team. There will be a 'double opt-in" so check your email right away please! Welcome to the team!