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Crazed Sarah Darlington - E-Cover.jpg

Mick is in for a wild ride...

Baseball Pro, Mick Jasmine, is the worst at relationships. His most recent ex-girlfriend pitched a crystal vase at his head with such precision, that maybe she should tryout for the Sea Dogs. It doesn’t help that one of his ‘game-day superstitions’ is getting laid right before each game, and that he even has a handful of women on call to help him fill this need.

But Mick is over his lifestyle. He’s done with being a certain type of person. On a whim, he gets in his car and drives halfway across the country for Pecan, Kansas; a desolate town that's not even on the map. He knocks on the trailer door that used to belong to his childhood best friend. In his entire life, he's never loved another girl the way he loved her as a child. She's the one. Somewhere in his heart he knows this.

But what he finds on the other side of the door, he never expected. Raven Malone, all grown up...

Nick is no match for Raven Malone all grown up. She’s going to eat him alive.

**This novel was formally titled CRAZY SEXY NOTION. Sarah Darlington’s more recent series, the KILL DEVIL INK Series, features characters from CRAZED. And this novel now can be read as a prequel novel to INKED and the KILL DEVIL INK Series.

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Crazed Sarah Darlington - E-Cover.jpg
Inked -V2- Sarah Darlington -
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