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Emma has always been obsessed with Ollie Mills of the southern rock band, Sunset Revival. She follows his every move on Twitter, likes all his posts on Instagram, and stalks his page on Facebook. So when there’s a contest to win a date with the sexy-as-sin, bad-boy rockstar, of course she enters.


It’s a one in a million chance.


Caleb Mills has always been unlucky in love. From the girl who broke his heart, to every one-night stand in between, the lead singer of Sunset Revival barely feels anything anymore. He’s focused on his music and nothing more. Until he sees Emma, in a blue dress, on a hot night in Nashville. She’s meant to be his brother’s date, but the moment his eyes connect with hers he wants this beautiful girl all for himself.


Caleb knows, it will only take Ollie a minute to screw things up. And he’ll be there waiting to win this girl’s heart the moment he does. But can any girl, ever, really trust a rockstar?


**NEVER TRUST A ROCKSTAR can be read as a standalone, or as the first book in Sarah Darlington's ROCKSTARS in KILL DEVIL HILLS Series.

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ebook 3-2 ratio.jpg
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