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V2 - Marked - Sarah Darlington - E-Cover.jpg

My comfort zone owns me.
It consumes me.
It's marked me.

Ridiculous demands that only I understand. I can’t step outside. And when I do, there are rules for every step, every breath, every second. I’ve never kissed a boy. I’ve never had the chance. I live in the dark corners of my mind with only the men from the books I read to keep me company.

Until Finn.

A friend of a friend. He's a tattoo artist, and he's gorgeous. We make an agreement. He’s the teacher. I’m the student. It’s pretend for him. But for me—one touch and I'm his. 

**MARKED is a full-length standalone set in Sarah Darlington’s Kill Devil Hills world. 

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Crazed Sarah Darlington - E-Cover.jpg
Inked -V2- Sarah Darlington -
V2 - Marked - Sarah Darlington - E-Cover.jpg
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